Get your students thinking about online safety with our interactive stories...

There is growing pressure on every school to deliver an effective online safety curriculum, but getting young people to engage in these important discussions can be problematic.

To address this we have created a new platform that uses gamification to allow young people to explore key safeguarding concerns such as sexting, grooming and online bullying in a way that is entertaining, informative and guaranteed to get them talking... (safely)

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A modern solution to a modern problem

Whilst many schools have previously relied upon costly theatrical productions, short films and externally facilitated workshops to help deliver key online safeguarding messages, SwipeTapThink is unique in that it makes use of the actual technology under discussion.

Compatible with any modern PC, Mac, phone or tablet, our hybrid gaming platform allows young people to experience interactive stories that play out in the format of instant messaging and social media conversations. The player is able to dramatically influence the direction of the story through their choices and decisions, with relevant safety information seamlessly woven into the plot.

We currently offer interactive stories covering sexting, grooming and online bullying, with more content added regularly.

Fun, engaging and easy to use!

Just some of the reasons SwipeTapThink is the perfect complement to your school's online safety programme...

Runs on any device

Students can play on any modern PC, phone or tablet, at home or at school. Use it in a class or as homework, you have complete flexibility.

No logins, no downloads

Our software runs entirely in the browser with students granted access to specific content via a special link provided by their teacher.

Data insights

Students are encouraged to provide anonymous post-game feedback allowing you to identify gaps in understanding or where additional support may be required.

Trusted advice

All our interactive stories incorporate advice from key safeguarding and online safety agencies such as CEOP, Childline, GetSafeOnline and SWGfL.

Lesson plans

Each of our stories comes with an accompanying lesson plan which can be used post-game to reinforce key learning points and promote discussion.

Intuitive interface

As long as you can swipe and tap, you'll have no problems. Our platform mirrors a standard smartphone interface, increasing immersion.


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